Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winter Theme - Donna Gaudet

Because my spring break was spent this year in Northern Idaho, I decided to take pictures there under a theme of "Winter". The photos below are of animals, water, and a snowy wood that are near the place we visited. We had snow and clouds almost every day and most of the colors there this time of year are dark blue, gray, dark green, or brown. I believe this color scheme is evident in the photos below.

Photo #1: Serenity
Photo #2: Lake View

Photo #3: Dynamic Duo

As an add-on to this assignment, we were asked to post one photo that is opposite the theme we had chosen. The photo below represents spring and bright colors and sunlight which are all direct opposites to the theme of Winter pictured above.

Photo #4 - Floral Attraction


art142 said...

The ducks are definitely a favorite. Great shot.


art142 said...

Beautiful photos! Even though I hate cold weather I really enjoyed seeing your photos and almost wished I could have been there too. Composition was great.


art142 said...

The butterfly is beautiful!