Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vanessa Van Horssen

Urban Decay

Whether a subject is a living organism or man-made, everything in the world is a part of a continuous circle which we call life. I personally enjoy seeing the decomposition of man-made objects; they tell stories in their cracks, discolorations, crumbles and holes. But don't be deceived- just because they are on their way out doesn't mean they aren't still beautiful.

"Left with Emotion"

"Urban Art upon Urban Decay"

"One Land's Trash - One Bum's Treasure"

"Remember As It Was"

The Opposite Assignment

"Renew Nature"


art142 said...

I loved the photo with the boot. The figure added a lot and gave it so much emotion.


samsstuff said...

I liked the "Urban Art Upon Urban Decay" photo. We are constantly building upon the past. No matter what we do, the past is rarely destroyed, it's always somewhere beneath the surface, as evidenced in so many 'underground' cities...We always leave our mark. This is always an interesting subject, for me.
Nice photo. I like the way you've framed & focused it.