Monday, March 23, 2009

Natural Beauty - Sheila Flores

I chose beauty as a concept, with the theme of nature. I find nature to be very beautiful, and I always enjoy it when it is well captured, either by film or any other medium. I find pleasure in the simple things in life, especially things that are all around us, such as flowers, trees, rocks, and animals. I never cease to be delighted by the art that surrounds us every day, or be amazed by the intricate details of what occurs effortlessly. I attempted to photograph different things found in the natural world and accentuate their beauty. Even though my skills and equipment are nominal, I hope I succeeded on some level and that my images convey a sense of beauty to the beholder. 

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art142 said...

I really liked the top photo with the rocks and water. The reflections draw my eye right into the photo and the colors are great.