Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Debra Sorensen SCC

Too big, Too excessive, Too much energy wasted, and only two people living here. What do you do with 10,000 sq ft?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Natural Beauty - Sheila Flores

I chose beauty as a concept, with the theme of nature. I find nature to be very beautiful, and I always enjoy it when it is well captured, either by film or any other medium. I find pleasure in the simple things in life, especially things that are all around us, such as flowers, trees, rocks, and animals. I never cease to be delighted by the art that surrounds us every day, or be amazed by the intricate details of what occurs effortlessly. I attempted to photograph different things found in the natural world and accentuate their beauty. Even though my skills and equipment are nominal, I hope I succeeded on some level and that my images convey a sense of beauty to the beholder. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vanessa Van Horssen

Urban Decay

Whether a subject is a living organism or man-made, everything in the world is a part of a continuous circle which we call life. I personally enjoy seeing the decomposition of man-made objects; they tell stories in their cracks, discolorations, crumbles and holes. But don't be deceived- just because they are on their way out doesn't mean they aren't still beautiful.

"Left with Emotion"

"Urban Art upon Urban Decay"

"One Land's Trash - One Bum's Treasure"

"Remember As It Was"

The Opposite Assignment

"Renew Nature"

Winter Theme - Donna Gaudet

Because my spring break was spent this year in Northern Idaho, I decided to take pictures there under a theme of "Winter". The photos below are of animals, water, and a snowy wood that are near the place we visited. We had snow and clouds almost every day and most of the colors there this time of year are dark blue, gray, dark green, or brown. I believe this color scheme is evident in the photos below.

Photo #1: Serenity
Photo #2: Lake View

Photo #3: Dynamic Duo

As an add-on to this assignment, we were asked to post one photo that is opposite the theme we had chosen. The photo below represents spring and bright colors and sunlight which are all direct opposites to the theme of Winter pictured above.

Photo #4 - Floral Attraction

Debra Sorensen_SCC

Since living in Scottsdale, Arizona I have felt surrounded by "BIG;" big sky, big money, big cars, and big facades on many of the structures located here. Most things seem too big and even garish at times, but once in awhile "big" can be astonishingly beautiful. Sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking, many homes are tastefully and exquisitely designed and decorated, and the often spotted red Ferrari regally zips by. The homes and buildings I photographed represent the beauty that is possible even where "big" is the law of the land.

Rowan Meredith

"Sunset on a amazing night"
"Sunets on the lake"

"Sunsets that catch your eyes"
The sunsets have always catched my eyes no matter what i'am doing
All the different colors in them are truely amazing, i love it!
The different shapes in them are amazing with all of the clouds.
Sunsets are one thing that i truely love to photograph no matter what!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

nature's beauty

These three pictures show how nature has many different shades of color and contrast between the desert and the flora. In this case the pictures show primarily the warm end of the color sprectrum which is fitting since the desert can be smouldering.The brightness of the red, magenta and orange show well against the green leaves and blue flower petals. I feel that this shows the variety and unique colors nature has to offer to us. Also the focus is showing how nature is perceived by our eyes at a distance instead of up close which would reveal more detail.

flower 1
flower 2

flower 3