Saturday, March 21, 2009

nature's beauty

These three pictures show how nature has many different shades of color and contrast between the desert and the flora. In this case the pictures show primarily the warm end of the color sprectrum which is fitting since the desert can be smouldering.The brightness of the red, magenta and orange show well against the green leaves and blue flower petals. I feel that this shows the variety and unique colors nature has to offer to us. Also the focus is showing how nature is perceived by our eyes at a distance instead of up close which would reveal more detail.

flower 1
flower 2

flower 3


art142 said...

I like the shape of the plant in the last picture, just take down the brightness in photoshop to give better contrast. Good eye.


art142 said...

I liked how you shot the dropped petals on the ground along with the full plant in the last photo. It seemed to balance it.